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BCCS develops literacy based, culturally enriching, leadership development programs that provide students opportunities to engage in critical thinking and community service projects. Our youth programming develops self-determined and responsible young people who aspire to assume leadership roles in their communities. BCCS youth programs range from art education, media literacy, community leadership and male/female rite of passages programs, all of which are designed to improve students’ academic, social and professional development.

The goal of the youth programs is to assist students in their academic, social and emotional development by empowering them to:

  • Improve sense of self-esteem

  • Develop critical consciousness

  • Increase cultural awareness and critical thinking skills

  • Develop a healthy cultural and racial identity

  • Develop a sense of social responsibility

  • Cultivate service leadership skills


Youth programs utilize contemporary media, literature and historical documents to explore various issues of importance while challenging them to examine the root causes and creating tangible solutions.

Youth Programs

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