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These programs are designed to develop stakeholders’ capacity to incorporate best practices in Cultural Competence & Responsiveness within schools, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. BCCS workshops present research and practical solutions that empower participants to minimize cultural barriers between service providers and communities of color and allow for the development of a culturally responsive framework.

Our consultants share a passion for utilizing their expertise to provide education stakeholders with a practical toolkit to better meet the specific learning needs of diverse populations. Popular workshops address issues related to cultural responsiveness in education and the workforce, anti-racism, privilege and gender equity.


Breaking the Cycle Consulting Services LLC (BCCS) works with educators, parents, youth and agencies (the stakeholders) to break the cycle of academic & social underdevelopment in communities of color. ​


BCCS creates comprehensive training & professional development workshops, education programs, and family engagement presentations designed to address the crisis that exists in many urban communities.

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