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Professional Development Workshops

General Overview

BCCS Professional Development Workshops introduce educators and school administrators to current research, literature and best practices on culturally responsive pedagogy and practical strategies designed to help break the cycle of academic underachievement among urban student populations.

Professional Development Workshop, Brooklyn, NY | District 32

These workshops provide educators with the tools they need in order to maximize their knowledge of their students and their learning processes. They are designed to strengthen educators’ ability to:

1.     Improve academic, professional and social development of diverse learners,

2.     Create culturally responsive learning communities, and

3.     Align learning instruction to New York State standards and the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching.


Participants learn about many of the issues that lead to academic, social and professional underdevelopment for many students of color. They are empowered to use culturally responsive teaching as a response to those issues improve academic outcomes.

Our PDs incorporate a cooperative group learning model and challenge participants to reflect on their own backgrounds, experiences and many of the issues their minority students confront through group discussion activities. While workshops can be tailored to meet your institution’s specific needs, standard workshop listings are located here.

Each workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes and can accommodate up to 50 participants. Workshops are multimedia events and require access to either a smart board with an audio system or other similar a/v system. To arrange for scheduling, payment and to confirm tech specifications, please contact 917.326.0615 or email

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